If we have to confess, we’d have to say that floral crowns have definitely been one of our favourite wedding trends of recent years. Whether it’s a whimsical, romantic touch that you’re after or a more bohemian chic feel, a floral crown can be the perfect complement to any wedding. And if you think wearable flowers was just a trend of the past, think again, Crown of Eden has made us fall in love with them ever so deeply. We chat to Chloe of Crown of Eden about her beautiful creations and why the trend is here to stay!

Floral crowns have definitely become popular on girls in the last few years? Why do you think they have become so popular and what do you love most about them?

Flower crowns have a massive history and I am so glad they have come back to be probably one of the biggest wedding trends. Their increasing popularity has made a huge romantic statement within the wedding industry and brings with it a personalized symbol of love. I absolutely love their versatility; there are so many different styles and designs that can be achieved with different types of flowers and foliages Рits basically endless! 

What hairstyle goes best with a flower crown?

Flower crowns definitely suit a more relaxed hairstyle; whether it’s loose braids, relaxed curls even low dos. You cannot go wrong with any of them.

How about make-up? Is it best to keep it simple or is it a case of the brighter the better?

I think it completely depends on the style of the bride and even the colours of the flowers and wedding. Personally I would pair simple but striking makeup with the more classic white, cream and foliage flower crowns. But if your wedding is fused with colour and is the focal of your wedding then definitely ask your makeup artist how to incorporate that!  

Do you have any tips for brides/ladies who want to keep their flower crowns after their wedding/event?

If you are wanting to keep your fresh flower crown to remind you of your day you can preserve them by drying them. This does however depend on the flowers that have been used. Flowers such as poppies, ranunculus and lisianthus are generally to fragile once dried, but native flowers and roses work a treat.  Simply hang it up!

Do you have any tips for making a floral crown at home? Are there certain flowers we should use?

My number one tip for making your own flower crown would be, that you need to make it on the day of your wedding/event. It needs to be at peak freshness! There are definitely certain flowers that should and should not be used when making a flower crown. Unfortunately our weather also plays a massive part in the flowers life span as well. There are certain flowers that last longer and are more suitable. Some examples of these are roses, carnations, ranunculus, native filler flowers and babies breath. Examples of flowers I would stay away from when constructing your flower crown is iris, tulips, daffodils, delphiniums, easter daisy and freesia.

Lastly, what types of flowers do you see to be the current trend for brides this year

As far as trends go I am fully on the foliage bandwagon! I am all for this foliage and wild style that has been evolving over the last year. I also predict a lot more native and garden flower combinations for this year and I cannot wait!

crownChloe is the florist behind Crown of Eden and Eden the Flower Shop. She has a background of design focusing on colour and patterns (with a degree in graphic design and product design), as well as floristry, studying the art in both England and Australia. She specialises in making beautifully handmade, versatile and lightweight floral headbands and headpieces for weddings, festivals and outings, as well as gorgeous bouquets. Find our more about her bouquets here and her floral crowns here.