Growing up in the 90’s was a pretty neat time. It’s only now that we’re all growing up with real jobs and cars things that we actually appreciate how cool the 90’s really were. Narrowing it down to just five favourite memories was tough, but we think we’ve nailed it here.



At some point in your 90’s life you would have received a star shaped tub of this fluro, useless goo as a much-wanted birthday present. As a young whipper-snapper you probably thought it was hilarious because if you squeeze it in just the right way, it made fart noises, or maybe your parents raged because you threw it at the ceiling to see how long it would stick up there for before it slowly peeled itself off and it started to leave greasy colour stains on the ceiling and walls.

Whether you stretched it, blew it, squished it or mixed it, despite a 2012 attempt by Nickelodeon to try and bring ‘Gak Back’, this childhood toy(?) belongs back in the early 1990s from whence it came.

Razor Scooters



All the cool kids had one. All the regular kids had cheap knock offs. Some of us just borrowed other kids and hooned around on these bad boys like we were some sort of Razor Scooter street gang. Those that couldn’t afford to save up for one tried to win them from every chip packet on the planet. Those who couldn’t let go, still zip around the city to get to work on theirs.

Be honest. You wanted one. We all did.

Paul Jennings



What happened to this guy? Not only did he give us the cult classic after school ABC special Round the Twist, but he also inspired a generation of Aussie kids to read with his quirky books of short stories like Unreal, Undone, Unmentionable and a whole bunch of other ‘un’ words which in our adult years me make up because we can’t remember. We just remember they were awesome, Awesome with a capital A.

Paul Jennings, wherever you are. We salute you.