For companies who pride themselves on offering health conscious options for their clients and colleagues, this Fitbit friendly break out activity is a perfect way to get your delegates up and moving after (or during) a big day in the chair. Just a short stroll from Hotel Urban St Leonards and free!

Enjoying the picture postcard perfect views of Sydney Harbour is one of the must see attractions in Australia. Take a stroll through the postcard with this easy walk. There’s plenty to see, there are no crowds and the views are spectacular.

Start the walk at the bottom of King George Street in Lavender Bay. King George Street is easily accessible on foot from North Sydney station and you can stop off in gorgeous McMahons Point for lunch and last minute supplies before setting out.

Follow the steps down through the trees, turn left at the bottom and you will come out in Quibaree Park, named after the indigenous clan who inhabited the area before European settlement. There are superb views across Lavender Bay to the Harbour Bridge with glimpses of the Opera House. Now home to some of Australia’s most expensive real estate, the area was once known by the less romantic name of Hulk Bay, named after the convict hulk the Phoenix which was moored here for 11 years from 1826. A common way to alleviate prison overcrowding in the UK, the Phoenix remains the only prison hulk ever to operate on the Australian mainland.

Like neighbouring McMahons Point this area was once a very important boat building hub and the remains of Neptune Engineering Company’s slipway has been preserved as a reminder of the site’s industrial past. Interpretative panels tell the story of the boatyard which once stood here.

Cut across the park to the right, past the slipway remains, and head in the general direction of the Harbour Bridge.

Keep an eye out for the steps though the railway arches – if you have time, nip up and see Wendy Whitley’s Secret Garden. Once a weed infested wasteland it has been transformed into a much loved park by Whitely, the widow of famed artist Brett Whitley. Sculptures are dotted around the park and there are fine views over the Harbour.

At the top of the steps is Christ Church; just married couples can often be seen descending the steps to have photos taken with the Harbour as the stunning backdrop.

Back on the walk, past the steps, you will soon reach the timber boardwalk, which runs adjacent to the railway siding. The rail tracks are no longer used for regular services but once serviced the Lavender Bay train station, which operated for the grand total of seven weeks in the 1930s. It closed after passengers refused to alight, instead demanding the driver stop at nearby Milsons Point instead.

The boardwalk is a fabulous place for kids as hidden in the bushes on the left are sculptures of famous characters from Australian children’s literature. Blinky Bill, Snugglepot & Cuddlepie, the Magic Pudding and Ginger Meggs all appear, as well as some more obscure characters you can scratch your head over. This section of the walk is dedicated to Arthur ‘Art’ Barton who worked as an artist at Luna Park for 33 years.

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