Hotel Urban is turning GREEN on 17th March 2019

As you check your closet to make sure you have something green to wear on March 17 (you don’t want to get pinched!), you’re probably also beginning to think about your St. Patrick’s Day plans. If you’re of drinking age, you can join us at Sure Café terrace, so you can imbibe in style.

This year, we are turning our beers green with our special St Patrick Green Beer.

Drinking green beer might not seem like the most traditional way to celebrate the Irish holiday, but it will at least make for a fun photo op with your besties. You can swap out at least one of your traditional Guinness stouts for a brightly coloured brew and, as they say, “Do it for the ‘gram!” The good news is that if you’re in search of an emerald-hued beer, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find on St. Patrick’s Day.

Stay at Hotel Urban during the festival to be in the heart of the action!