At Urban St Leonards, we are proudly supporting The Humpty Dumpty Foundation where they help 250+ hospitals across Australia with vital medical equipment. Help us reach our fundraising goal of $7325 to buy a Kanmed Baby Warming Bed for the Royal North Shore Hospital. Kanmed Baby Warming Bed, worth $14,750 is a modern and easier way to care for newborn and premature babies. The heated mattress within the bed allows premature babies to be removed from an incubator at an early stage while maintaining their body temperatures. The is the perfect warming system which allows parents’ to be involved in the caregiving experience and increase the parent-child bonding moments.

Kanmed Baby Warming Bed is specially made in Sweden for premature and newborn babies and it has electrical height adjustment for user convenience. It has a push down side walls for easy bed access and rail surrounds the bed for easy transport, protection and to attach accessories. More than 10,000 units are used globally and have warmed more than 2 million babies.

Join us to help The Humpty Dumpty Foundation on purchasing this cost effective warming bed by donating towards our fundraising goal. Visit us at Urban St Leonards where you can donate by purchasing $2 Puppuccino for your adorable pet whilst asking the Reception for more information. Ideally, you can also call us on 073831 6177 to find out how you can be involved.