This winter, bring a touch of summer into your coffee

For all coffee, chocolate and ice-cream lovers, you can now drink your coffee and eat the cone it came in, as coffee is now served in a cone. NO it is not a dream and YES it is a cone, precisely, a waffle cone. The cone is coated in dark chocolate which allow drinkers 10 minutes to enjoy their brew before the chocolate begins to melt.

This incredible innovation was first launched in South Africa in 2106, and has travelled in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong before landing in Australia.

Although, the concept is zero waste it is not zero calories, so forget your skinny soy latte, no sugar. After all, it is winter, so we all need comfort food.

While Sydneysiders already have the luxury of sampling the concept in few venues

including Bacino Bar in Balgowlah and Whale Beach Deli. Melbournians will have to wait a bit longer and see which cafes will run Coffee In a Cone locally.

Price: $6-$6.50 each

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