So you’ve been put in charge of the Office Christmas party this year, but you have no idea where to start. With all your colleagues and bosses relying on you to put on a fantastic shindig, you’ve got to make sure it’s not going to be one giant flop. Making sure you have the right mix of old school nostalgia, modern tech, and a room with beautiful designer decor will ensure you are on track for high-fives rather than some serious eye-rolling action come silly season. ¬†Here are our 6 tips to make that Christmas Party unforgettable and your bosses begging you to plan them forever more:

Start planning now!

With Christmas just a little more than one month away, the ball should be rolling on your Christmas plans. Pick a venue and secure a date or you could be left with nothing more than another uneventful evening down at your local or worse yet, stuck in your office putting tinsel up to make it look at least a little merry.

Choose a theme!

Fancy dress can go either way. There’ll always be the grinches who don’t want to dress up, but those that do will spread enough Christmas cheer for all. From ugly Christmas sweaters to murder mystery parties, a themed party is the perfect icebreaker to get the office jock speaking to the office brain. ¬†After all, how can you not want to giggle and ¬†chat to that person who gets dressed up in a Christmas pudding outfit.

Get people excited!

Nothing screams zero effort more than¬†a MS Paint Christmas flyer. Jazz up your invitations with lots of Christmas sparkle and you’ll get people excited. Make sure it pops with lots of colour¬†or if you’re not a creative, ask around your office – no doubt there’ll be someone with snazzy design skills.

Include everyone.

Everyone from the guy that waters the plant each month through to the top performing player should be included in the Christmas party RSVP list. That also means making sure everyone is catered for at the actual do, whether they have special dietary needs or need special wheelchair access, make sure everyone feels like they can join in on the fun.

Get the right entertainment

Christmas parties are all about letting your hair down and celebrating the year that was, but if you choose the wrong entertainment, it’ll be nothing more than an awkward state of affairs talked about for years to come. Get a dance floor going with the right music and maybe even some extra performers to get the party started.

Keep the Christmas Cheer going

Yes, it’s the next day and people may be a little hungover (ahem, a little tired from all the Christmas fun), but you’ve got to keep that Christmas spirit up. After all, there’s probably a few more days or weeks before you knock off for the holiday season. Keep up the festive vibe by sharing around photos from the night – but keep those after hours photos at bay. Get people to pick their favourite costumes from the night and relive the night. ¬†Don’t forget to ask for feedback so that next year’s office Christmas can be even bigger and better.

Hotel Urban St Leonards have everything you need for your office Christmas party. From our beautiful Sure Cafe, to our gorgeous light-filled conference and events spaces all you need to do is call Amy on 02 9439 6000 or email with a brief and we will create a brilliant, bespoke event that will see you crowned the office Superstar of the silly season.