VIVID Sydney is back, bigger, better, longer and more amazing this year with even more shows, art installations, music performances and inspiring ideas in and around key Sydney precincts, over 4 weeks.

Just under 20 minutes by taxi, the nearby shopping hub of Chatswood is one of the main precincts for VIVID this year, and there is plenty to enjoy with a fabulous line up of light installations and artwork on show throughout the festival.

We’ve narrowed all of the Chatswood events down to a top five must-see installations, but there are plenty more to see, just ask our awesome reception team for details.

1. The Octopoda

This free event is located at Westfield Chatswood, artists Amigo & Amigo, Simone Chua and Renzo B. Larriv showcase the Octopodo, an audience interactive percussion ensemble. Octopoda has eight tentacle drums – each one activates a different display of light and colour, which animates the creature’s musical mind. It’s quite the magical trip.

Alive and kicking from 5.30pm – 10.30pm, nearby Hawker Lane is a great place to stop and grab some Asian street food for dinner.

2. Light Bounce 

Chatswood Chase Sydney is home to Light Bounce, an installation created for the young and young at heart which will feature a forest of totems reflecting and refracting light off a variety of surfaces. Created by Electric Canvas, Light Bounce is free, fully immersive, and encourages its audience to actually play inside the installation.

3. Steampunk Waterworld

Located on The Concouse, Electric Canvas also bring Steampunk Waterworld to Chatswood for VIVID 2017. Best viewed from ground level, outside, this light installation showcases the submerged magic of a steampunk waterworld in a reflection pool on The Concourse. Punking gorgeous.

4. Future City Smart City

Also in The Concourse Performing Arts Centre, and presented by Electric Canvas, this installation is the centrepiece of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood. Best viewed from outdoors, ground level and level 2, the audience is encouraged to look to the skies above Chatswood, as they escape to a fantastical future where people fly in the air inside whimsical dirigibles. Communities of airborne homes are revealed, with greenhouses and water farms harvesting clouds, all powered by waste, wind and the sun. A futuristic utopia for lovers of the perfect future world concept.

5. Crossword

At the Victor Street intersection of Chatswood Mall, VIVID installation Crossword will send a cross fire of emotive words and phrases into mid-air. The audience become the canvas for this literary projection as hidden messages and meanings appear on people as they move through the lights.

For more information about VIVID in Chatswood, check out the VIVID Sydney website.

Image credit: Olga Kashubin /