Pokemon mania has hit Brisbane!

In case you’ve been living under the covers, Pokemon Go is an “augmented reality” game for iOS and Android where you need to walk around the city to capture Pokemon on your phone. You may have noticed them on the streets, the ones strolling around the streets navigating their way with their phones in their air. These people aren’t lost tourists lost trying to find their way, they’re our Pokemon catchers and they’re on a mission to catch as many Pokemons as possible.

If you’re one of the Pokemon obsessed, we’ve created a quick 101 guide for you to catch all of the Pokemons in Brisbane and become a true Pokemon master!

Pokemon Go Map

The Pokemon Go Map will be your saviour if you’re looking for rare Pokemons.  Incredibly detailed, the map is created by Pokemon fans for the Pokemon fans. You’ll find all the Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms mapped out, plus you’ll even be able to find which Pokemons have been caught where. Remember the more obscure the location, the more likely you’ll find those rare ones. Check out the Pokestop at Hotel Urban Brisbane!

Catching Rare Pokemons 

Brisbane is over run with Evees, Pikachus, Zubats, and Dragonites but if you can find some rarer ones such as the Growlithes, Kenghiskhans or Meowth, you’ll want to level up. The higher your trainer level, the bigger your rewards. Start battling in gyms, visiting Pokestops, and dropping eggs.

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Lures and Incense

Half the fun of the game is rediscovering our city, but if you don’t want to roam all over Brisbane try using incense or dropping a lure and they’ll come to you! You can discover these lures on your Pokemon map, just look out for the pink petals falling everywhere. As a side note, we’ll be dropping lures this Sunday for the Pokemon Picnic in Roma St Parkland so if the lures are too busy in the park skip across the road to ours!

Brisbane Pokestops 

There’s no doubt about it, some spots have more Pokemons than others. We’ve shared these hotspots for your Pokemon catching pleasure. 


You’ll find hundreds of Pokemons and Pokemon hunters here.

Roma St Parklands

There’s always lures here – go hunting now.


 Brisbane Botanic Gardens


Capture a Pokemon at our hotel and show it to our staff to stay at Hotel Urban Brisbane for $125 a night*.
Finally, if you want to meet your fellow Pokemon trainers, Roma St Parklands (across the road from Hotel Urban Brisbane) will be holding the first ever Pokemon Go’ Picnic this weekend. Devoted gamers of all levels will be descending upon Roma St Parklands this Sunday July 24 from 11-4pm with plenty of  food stalls, pokecoin giveaways and active lures. Gotta Catch Em All.


**Subject to availability. Offer only valid weekend of 24-25th July 2016. Must use promo code URBANMATES.